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Max is an affectionate and friendly 10 year old miniature schnauzer with loving owners / “parents”. He loved to playing fetch and spending time out in the yard. Max was referred to Atascadero Pet Hospital by his regular veterinarian in the central California valley for a second opinion and treatment for progressive swelling and pain in the left eye. It was also determined that Max had recently acutely lost vision on his left side.

There are generally multiple causes for eye pain and swelling. These causes are initially broken down to intraocular causes (such as trauma, infections, glaucoma, tumors,) and extra-ocular causes (such as infections, tumors, foreign bodies, hemorrhage). We commonly see abscesses from tooth root infections or foxtails that affect the retrobulbar space behind the eye. Often these two causes can be successfully treated, usually with no ensuing loss of vision. For Max’s this was not the case.

Max was treated with a course of antibiotics at his primary veterinarian. The swelling returned and Max loss some vision in his left eye. An MRI study imaged a mass directly behind the eye. Dr. Ofer Cherbinsky then used ultrasound guided biopsy while Max was under general anesthesia to identify the type of tumor to provide the optimal treatment plan. Max soon returned for definitive surgery to remove the tumor and relieve his discomfort. The surgery, performed by Dr. Cherbinsky involved removal of the already blinded left eye and delicate temporary removal and eventual replacement of the zygomatic arch bone and masticatory muscles of the cheek and face. After a short hospitalization, a more comfortable Max was released to his loving owners. Today Max is still an affectionate friendly dog, who loves to play fetch in the yard, despite losing one eye.

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